Thor Xpress. The hammer in time definite transport.

Lightening. Thunder. Meet THOR Xpress Transport - a delivery service of mythical proportions. THOR answers your demand for express delivery that is unequivocally reliable, efficient and informative. Our commitment is to service Airlines, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and Freight Brokers. You handle your customer and we will handle your cargo. It is that simple! The demands of airlines, customs brokers, freight forwarders and freight brokers are tremendous. We understand that and offer you a truly efficient delivery system. At Thor, we have tailored our business to meet these demands on time - and on budget.

Our knowledge of import/export/domestic systems allows us to offer the most effective pickup and delivery system in our service areas. Continually executing our promise of damage free on time delivery of your clients valuable cargo, we are proud to be your partner in service.


Current Fuel Surcharge

Starting 08/03/2020  25 %

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